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Employers CD Rom Update March 2010

Posted by: edwinsmith on April 7th, 2010

Some users have experienced problems with the 2010 Employer CD-ROM. HMRC have produced a March 2010 CD-ROM update (V2.0.2) that you can download or order and it is recommended that you do this whether or not you have experienced any problems or if the problems you've experienced differ from those below. The March update will provide better error reporting which will make it easier for the helpdesk to help you should the need arise.

 Known issues which the March 2010 update will fix

Once you've installed the March update the following known issues should be resolved:

-    the total amount of tax and National Insurance contributions due sometimes being carried forward incorrectly to the 2009-10 end-of-year summary (P35)

-    problems transferring data from the 2009 CD-ROM

-    problems opening PDF forms (Windows users only)

However, as previously mentioned, please still install the update even if you haven't encountered these problems.

How to get the update

The update can be downloaded from the HMRC website.

You will need to exit or close your current CD-ROM before installing the update. And once you've installed it, you can continue using the CD-ROM with any 2009-10 data already entered – the update should fix all of the problems mentioned above.

If you've entered any data for the start of the new tax year, 2010-11, this will be deleted. You will need to re-enter it after applying the March update so this update should be installed as soon as possible.

Getting an update if you don't have internet access

If the computer on which with your CD-ROM is installed doesn't have internet access then you can do either of the following:

-    download the March update on a different machine and copy it to the relevant computer (fastest solution)

-    call the Employer Orderline who will post you the update on disc.

If you've already sent in your 2009-10 Employer Annual Return

You should still download and install the March 2010 update. What you do next will depend on whether your Employer Annual Return was accepted or rejected.

If your return was originally rejected then you can use the CD-ROM again to file your return. You need to do this before 19 May 2010.

If your return was accepted please contact the Online Services Helpdesk on 0845 60 55 999 who can then tell you the action you may need to take.

Further help and guidance is provided on the HMRC website or alternatively please contact us.

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