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Auto Enrolment

Posted by: edwinsmith on March 26th, 2014

From October 2012 the largest employers began auto enrolling their employees into workplace pensions.  For smaller employers the staging dates are staggered to ensure that all UK employers will have auto enrolled their staff by April 2017.

Over the coming months we will publish a series of blogs on the subject of auto enrolment and the preparation required.

Employers should have an action plan in place which will ensure they are properly prepared before their staging date.  The employer action plan will include a number of tasks:

  1. Know your staging date
  2. Nominate a contact
  3. Develop initial plans
  4. Know your workforce
  5. Check processes and software
  6. Review pension arrangements
  7. Communicate to staff
  8. Record keeping, enrolment and registration once the staging date arrives
  9. Know your ongoing responsibilities

To assist employers prepare for auto enrolment The Pensions Regulator has designed a planning tool which can be found at Planning for auto enrolment - The Pensions 

If you require any advice concerning auto enrolment then please contact us.